What is the shipping policy for the BAM! Ultra?

The BAM! Ultra is a little different in nature than our standard boxes, meaning the shipping policy is different as well. 

The Ultra! boxes are considered a pre-sale box which means the signings may not be yet completed when ordering. We do our best to give a suggested shipping window in the text description of each offering (however due to elements outside of our control such as a change in a celebrities availability or inclement weather, this window may shift).

Once shipped you will be sent an email with the tracking information so you may follow its path as it makes its way to you!


For any additional information or questions please contact or Customer Experience Team at support@thebambox.com.

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    Mike Pelkey

    so my box i ordered wot be here till Sept ?  not trippin just making sure i understood what i read


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    Ian Harbridge

    I ordered my gamer box Aug 6th. When am I getting mine?

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