What is a BAM! Ultra?

The BAM! Ultra is an upgraded version from the regular monthly BAM! experience. Each Ultra! will feature a more high-end collection of, pins, replica props, larger and lower-numbered prints, and, most importantly.....

For example, in past Ultra! boxes we have featured celebrity autographs from Neve Campbell (Scream), Elvira, Ian McDiarmid (Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars), and legends such as Chuck Norris and Tim Curry!

The images are 11x14 and include custom matting that is ready for 16x20 framing, and best of all every BAM! box autograph comes certified with a BECKETT authentication sticker!
Ultra! boxes are announced on a monthly basis and are much more limited than the monthly core boxes. They usually sell out in a few days, so hurry up and make that purchase!


Please Note: This item is a single purchase and does NOT create a monthly membership or charge.
(Prices will also vary based upon the value of the autograph.) 

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