What is the shipping policy?

Shipping time is one of the most exciting times of the month for us here at the BAM! Box! 

The shipping window starts each month as soon as ordering closes, this will be the Friday closest to the 15th of each month. Once processed the boxes are then scheduled to start shipping prior to the end of the ordering month. There is a clock on the top of the main homepage that states how much longer the ordering window is open.

Once your box has shipped you will be sent a notification by email where you will receive a tracking number to check the status of your order. In this email, you may also find the contents of the shipment. If for some reason you are unable to locate the email, the latest information (once populated) will also be available on each membership type under your matching account when signing in at thebambox.com

While we strive to send them as quickly as possible (due to the incredibly collectible status of our boxes containing a celebrity autograph) sometimes our shipping window gets delayed. 

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