I have a question I don't see an answer for.

The Bam Box Help Center is specifically designed to provide you with a self-service support option to solve any issues that may arise.

However, if you can't find an answer, then there are multiple points of contact where we can get you an answer. 

1) Email us at support@thebambox.com (the best way to get the fastest reply).

2) You can take advantage of the online Community at thebambox.com/community. Here you will find moderators that help and a community at large that can help out.

Once we receive your ticket you will receive an automatic email confirming we got it. This means that we have received it and are working to get you an answer as quickly and efficiently as possible!

Please do not submit multiple tickets or replies before you receive a reply from the Support team. Doing so will affect your ticket’s place in the queue order, meaning that you could accidentally move yourself to the back of the line.

At this time, BAM! does not offer phone support nor have a phone number where we can be reached for support-related requests.


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