What is a Bam Box?

What is a BAM! Box?? Great question!

BAM! Box is the original mystery subscription box with an authentic celebrity autograph in every single box. 

Picture the Comic Con experience being delivered to your door each month.

We have two different boxes you can choose from: Pop Culture or Horror. 

What are some of the things you can expect in your box?

  • Authentic celebrity autograph
  • Prop replicas from movies and TV shows
  • Exclusive fan art
  • Exclusive comic books
  • Exclusive enamel pins
  • Collectibles


The best way we can describe it is this: imagine every month you go to your mailbox and there is a gift package from your favorite relative who totally gets you and the things you are into, but also has a lot of friends that give them things other people don't have.

It's basically like Christmas. Every. Single. Month.

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