My account is past due. What should I do?

    Once a membership is established, recurring renewals are scheduled for the 1st (First) of each ordering month , if for some reason your renewal is unsuccessfully processed on the initial attempt this will put your membership subscription into a PAST DUE status, the system will attempt each day for the next 10 days to complete the renewal. If the membership has not has any actions taken by the last renewal attempt then your membership will then be cancelled.

(You will receive periodic emails notifying you that we are unable to renew the account where a billing update link will be provided.)


While your account is past due this will not impede on the shipping of any previously completed renewals


Many times you can update your payment status or contact your bank to see if there was any type of hold and that should solve the problem.


You may also Cancel the membership at any time and this will stop any future renewal attempts

Please note-If a subscription is cancelled and that particular box type has been capped at 2500 pieces, this may loose your guaranteed or "locked in" spot during the next renewal cycle, if you decide to subscribe again later you may need to be put on a waiting list for a spot to open under the cap.


You can also contact a customer experience team member at



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