My account is past due. What should I do?

When your renewal is unsuccessfully processed, the subscription will be put into a past due status. You will receive periodic emails notifying you that we are unable to renew the account where a billing update link will be provided.

While your account is past due it will be on hold from any shipments but will not be canceled until a final renewal failure. Depending on the type on decline, the billing system will periodically attempt the renewal across a 30 day period. 

If prior to the 19th at 9PM PST the account is successfully renewed, you will be moved back to active status and processed any applicable crates asap. All subscriptions with a successful renewal after the 19th at 9PM PST will still be eligible for that month's crate and will be moved back to an active status to be renewed for the following month's crate.  Once the crate is processed, a tracking notification will be sent.

If your subscription is past due and you would like to cancel, please contact our support team to have the cancellation processed.

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